Perfectly Imperfect

Last night was the first time I performed solo on aerial fabric. First night performing on fabric in a club environment with throbbing electronic music. That was a little more distracting than I expected, while also being as absolutely wonderful as expected.

I had only 3 practice sessions to prepare this piece. Prior to this I’ve had nearly 2 years to learn techniques but I’d only performed in 2 student shows and both times I was part of a group. Looking back now this was a pretty big deal for me.

I screwed up twice, neither resulting in someone needing to come rescue me or me falling, just had some trouble unwrapping. The first time I awkwardly managed , the second I was in a position to lean back and so I did while having a good laugh at it and somehow the extra wraps just fell away.

Three things went better than planned: I couldn’t and/or wouldn’t do the Star properly in rehearsing but when I was performing I just told myself to do it, listened, and while not ‘perfect’ I’m pretty sure it looked better than I’d ever done before. Two, a stranger in the crowd told me I was ‘sexy’ at the end. Three, I can’t do the splits, but when I gave the illusion that they had taken place, I heard people cheering. It was nice to also hear cheering in a simple and easy pose or two. Good reminders that you don’t always have to do something spectacular to impress people.

I like this 2:3 ratio, maybe I will assess every future performance like this.

I bought my own 10′ tall rig a few weeks ago for my apartment. I let down my fabric and played a bit tonight, not because I had to, but just because I wanted to, and I was inspired a little by this song which started playing in my head early this morning before I left my apartment.

P.S. Thank you Virginia for photographing me! 🙂

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